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Rathinam Group of Institutions enters into MOU with Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago, USA.

Rathinam Group of Institutions enters into MOU with Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago, USA.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), USA and Rathinam Group of Institutions, Coimbatore on 28th August 2019 in Chicago.  
Dr Madan A Sendhil, Chairman of Rathinam Group and Darsh T. Wasan, Vice President, International Affairs of Illinois Institute of Technology USA exchanged the MoU in honing academic activities across Rathinam Technical Campus (RTC), Rathinam School of Architecture (RSA), Rathinam Institute of Management (RIM) and Rathinam College of Arts and Science (RCAS).
This MoU opens up the following opportunities for the Rathinam students to get overseas exposure and obtain degree from a top ranked American University, IIT Chicago. 
1. Semester or Year Abroad for Undergraduate Students
2. 2+2 Bachelor’s program with Co-terminal (Bachelors And Masters) 
3. Co-terminal Master’s Option
4. Summer Research Opportunities for Undergraduate Engineering and Science Students  
5. One and two years Master Program

The MoU has also opened up avenues for faculty and students in  research collaborations in niche areas of mutual interest and foster the exchange of academic publications and scholarly information.

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How Study In College Smartly?

College is a whole new world where students are no more reliant on their teachers and parents to instill in them the value of education. However, with this freedom, comes the natural tendency of lapsing and not optimizing the quality & opportunities that a college education can provide.

How to study in college in a way to ensure that you receive the wholesome experience? Well, this can be tricky to balance but not impossible. With specific directions and mastery of habits, the experience of studying well in a college will end up as a memory as well as a future deciding proposition.

How To Study In College With Focus?

Let us first make a structure of what is required for a fruitful college experience.

  • Understanding the subject and being genuinely passionate about it
  • Have the right mindset to approach college education
  • Time your activities and organize a study plan
  • Stay resourceful
  • Optimize your time and productivity
  • Try different study techniques
  • Make studying conceptual instead of superficial
  • You deserve a break
  • Test yourself
  • Get enough rest and recreation

Understanding The Subject

Before you take up a course at college, be aware of the subject and its properties. College is a long term commitment and making the wrong choice at the inception of your journey can wreak havoc for your academics and your perception towards higher education.

Not to mention, college does not come cheap. Outlining the area of expertise and undertaking ample research before electing that subject will help maintain the interest flow and make learning fun.

Maintain the Passion for Education

  • Attend your classes regularly: Most of your learning will happen if you attend your classes.
  • Pay attention in class: Listening is learning, and by making sure that you are paying attention in class, you will simplify learning for yourself
  • Pay attention to your homework and assignment: Treat every assignment like an exam and ensure that you are at your top of the game concerning your work.
  • Attend to Your Wrongs: Do not make the mistake of scanning over your mistakes. Attend to your folly and learn from your mistakes.

Organize A Study Plan

Optimizing your study schedule will determine your success rate at college. Organize a study plan as per your learning style, study load, and your interests. Some subjects might be confusing some might be easy, and this will help you charter your thoughts and academic orientation to the maximum potential.

Time management is yet another integral part of a successful study plan while staying realistic in your approach will make the goals more accomplishable. You need to block a particular time to study and adhere to it at all costs.

Stay Resourceful

Unlock productivity by being resourceful. It may sound trivial but keeping track of small things like your stationary or power in the laptop will help you save time, not stray and optimize your study time which would otherwise be expended in mundane tasks.

Another thing to take care of is to be mindful of clutter. It has been scientifically proven that clutter creates a mental barrier between tasks and productivity. So next time, before you think that a messy desk is the sign of an intelligent brain, think about the time you will be wasting in swimming through the unnecessary stuff at your study place.

Try Different Study Techniques

Sticking to one study style will not help create a very resourceful study plan. It will have you bored out of your mind leading to zero learning and knowledge. Be it acronyms or writing stuff down, experiment with the ideas of new learning techniques and see which one fits better.

Use all your senses while studying, i.e., read the concept with your eyes, say it out loud and then listen to it to make sure what you said was right. The involvement of all the senses increases concentration and has proven higher retention.

Such diversity will help you understand the subject rather than just read & byheart. Since college education is more based on concepts than rote learning, experimenting with study styles is an idea worth trying.

Make Studying Conceptual Instead Of Superficial

As mentioned above, a college education is based on concepts rather than remembering mere facts. By making your learning more concept-based, you can quickly grasp your fundamentals, definitions, and understanding of the subject which will negate the need to sustain information instead of understanding it.

For instance, by understanding the concept of the Pythagorean theorem, you can step on the subsequent rungs of trigonometry and many other mathematical applications. It is all about keeping your concepts clear.

You Deserve A Break

All the planning, organizing, studying and understanding is bound to take over your senses and leave you fatigued. You deserve a break after this elaborate procedure. Engage in some workout or music or anything that soothes you and relaxes you. Try not to reach for your phone as it will only ruffle your already ruffled mind and exhaust it even further.

Test Yourself

Ensure that you know your deal by constantly testing yourself. Have a short test or explain your answer to a friend to understand your grasp on the subject.

Get Enough Rest and Recreation

It is no surprise that the brain is less efficient due to lack of sleep. Moreover, those who don’t exercise are at a higher risk of developing lifestyle diseases, cancer, and many others. To have a flourishing academics, you need to take care of your mental as well as physical health. After all, a healthy mind is the window to a healthy body and soul.

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