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Advanced Cancer Research Laboratory:

We are the group working on novel NANO drug delivery systems for advanced therapeutics towards cancer. The trust areas of this laboratory include nanobiotechnology, advanced drug delivery systems, cancer research and nanoformulations for skin care applications. This laboratory provides training for internship students in the area of translational research for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, and in-depth molecular biology studies related to various infectious diseases and cancer.


Dr .S.Vaidevi, M.Tech., PhD.

Head – Advanced Cancer Research Laboratory

Ms.S. Vijaylakshmi, M.Sc.

Research Assistant

Functional Materials for Energy Applications:

The research group focuses on creating new materials and methods that have a solid scientific foundation and have a wide range of potential strategic and commercial uses. At present, the team’s research is focused towards the most cutting-edge areas of material science and technology. The main theme of the research group is functional non materials, nanocomposites, layered materials, nanotechnology-enabled energy storage devices (supercapacitors and hybrid devices), electrocatalysis, and electrochemical sensors.


Dr Bradha Madhavan, M.Sc., M.Phil., PhD.

Head – Functional Materials for Energy Applications

Mr S. Prakash, M.Sc.
Research Scholar in UGC-DAE

Advanced Electrochemical Energy Materials (AEEMs) Laboratory

Electrochemistry is a very diverse technique which has found utility in analytical chemistry, materials chemistry, organic synthesis, and others. The research activities of our group can be broadly classified as the development and exploration of various nanostructured materials for Energy Storage and Conversion Systems, which include Water Electrolyzers, Fuel Cells, Batteries, and Super Capacitors. We are involved in carrying out both basic and applied research within these systems. We research towards the electrochemical behaviour of materials, with a motto of developing systems towards technological readiness level. We investigate various 2D materials particularly Carbon Nanostructures, Chalcogenides, Oxides, Nitrides and Carbides. My research group is dedicated to studying the structure-activity correlation of materials for energy systems. AEEM Lab is closely collaborating with various National and International research teams to exploit the fundamental electrochemical beauty of materials for realisation in real-time applications.



Dr K. K Aruna, M.Sc., M.Phil., PhD

Group Head – Functional Materials for Energy Applications

Mr. Akash Prabhu S

JRF in AR&DB funded Project

Mr. Muhammad. Rahees

Research Scholar in UGC-DAE

Soft and Active Matter Laboratory

We are a group of physicists, biophysicists and chemists. We study soft, active, and biological systems in complex settings that hold great potential to help untangle the physics of far-from-equilibrium (one of the scientific challenges of 21st-century physics) as well as to deliver novel agents for healthcare, sustainability and security applications using a combination of microscopy, photonics, statistical physics and fabrication.


Dr K. P. V. Sabareesh, M.Sc., PhD
Group Head – Soft and Active Matter Laboratory
Dr. M. Gunaseelan, M.Sc., PhD

Research Assistant Professor


Dr. T. Kalaivani, M.Sc., M.Phil., PhD

Visiting Scientist

Proteomics Laboratory:

The research group focuses on investigating the complex protein mixtures, including plant, animal and microbial cells using proteomic technology. This laboratory is dedicated to undertaking the characterization of proteins, and screening/identification of beneficial candidate molecules with aid of bioinformatics tools for human disease and environmental problems. Further, the research will provide a molecular-level insight which might be applied to overcome current clinical and environmental challenges.


Dr T. Pratheep, M.Sc., PhD

Group Head – Proteomics Laboratory

Dr S. Shanmugapriya, M.Sc., PhD

Assistant Professor

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