What is MBA in Systems Management?


Systems Management is both technical and managerial in nature, essentially involving information management. A specialization in systems is primarily concerned with the incorporation of business processes with technology.

The key skill is the understanding of various hardware and software platforms and the ability to determine the exact IT requirements of an organization based on its processes and manual systems.

The aim is to develop the latest advancements in technology to cater to the ever-growing business needs of corporates. Systems Management focuses on areas like e-business, IT security, IT strategy etc.

Sound understanding of business concepts is ideal for the post of a project manager in software development activities.

RBy suggesting and adopting creative ideas to improve the organizational performance, you can contribute in the development of any organization.

With an MBA degree you can take an extra step ahead to modify the information according to the necessity. It also prepares you to develop managerial and administrative qualities.

Students of the MBA program may seek career opportunities in the following areas:

  • General Management: General Management, Operations and Control, International Business, Information Technology and BPO.
  • IT & Systems: Management Information Systems, Database Management Systems, Systems Analysis & Design, IT Project Management, Software Engineering, Quality Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Disaster Recovery.
  • Any Bachelor Degree
  • 2 Years