Value Added Training Report(Day 1&2)

The department of Computer Science and Engineering and Information Technology has organized “Two Days Value Added Training Program” in Python, Android development and Ethical Hacking on 13th and 14th February 2020.The training session has been conducted in the following laboratories as listed below.

1. Python training in Dr.Kalam block Lab 2.
2. Ethical Hacking in Science block Computer Lab.
3. Android development in Sir CV Raman Block Lab 3.

The Trainers of these training programmes are from Technoradiance, Hyderabad.
1. Python training session – Mr.Rathinaraja Jeyaraj.
2. Ethical Hacking session – Mr.Sivanantham.
3. Android development session – Mr.Natheem Yusuf.

Student Registration count in the following courses:
1. Python Training:
CSE – 15 IT – 22 Total – 37
2. Ethical Hacking:
CSE – 47 IT – 23 Total -70
3. Android development:
CSE – 46 IT – 42 Total – 88

Total students of CSE and IT attended: 195

Concepts Covered in the Training sessions:

1. Ethical Hacking:

  • Define ethical hacking
  • Software environment (software developments and hacking possibilities for corresponding software’s)
  • Demonstration (FM frequency hacking using raspberry pi 3)
  • Ethical hacking, hackers, types, technical terms for ethical hacking, tools for ethical hacking.
  • Demonstration for (sql injection, database hacking, MD5 encryption and decryption).

2. Python:

  • Python Course content
  • Evolution of Programming
  • Anaconda Installation
  • Different packages in python
  • Operators
  • Primitive data types
  • Data structures in python
  • Control flow Operations
  • Methods
  • Classes and objects
  • Object Oriented concepts
  • Exception handling
  • File handling
  • Pandas and Numpy
  • Machine Learning
  • Linear Regression
  • Kmeans algorithm
  • Open CV

3. Android:

  • Basic Android programming concepts
  • Java Programming language
  • App customization
  • Sample web app creations.
  • Practical concepts on web development

Sample Photos: (Day 1)

Python Training session:

Ethical Training session:

Android development training session:

Sample Photos: (Day 2)
Android Development Training session:

Ethical Hacking Training Sessions:

Python Training sessions:

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