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Project Details

S.No Date of Submission Agency & Scheme Type Project title + PI and Co-PI Details Amount Status
1 07.03.2022 Department of Health Research, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of India Research Development and evaluation of Bevacizumab loaded nano dispersion for effective treatment of lung cancer, Dr.S.Vaidevi & Dr.B.Nagaraj Rs. 51,60, 000 SANCTIONED
2 11.03.2022 Coalition for disaster resilient infrastructure (CDRI) fellowship Research Decision Support tool for climate Risk management in manufacturing industries (CDRI), Dr.K.K.Aruna USD 10,000 SANCTIONED
3 11.03.2022 Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology Research Geographical information system based impact assessment on landuse changes in groundwater geochemistry of Coimbatore City, Tamil Nadu, Dr.P.Krishnakumar 7500 SANCTIONED
4 24.06.2022 Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology Research Automatic pearl millet seed remover using artificial intelligence, Ms.JareenaBegam 7500 SANCTIONED
5 24.06.2022 CRS Project Proposal at UGC-DAE CSR Research Neutron diffraction, magnetism and dielectric studies of LaTiO.5BO.5O3 (B=Mn, Co,Fe), Dr.BradhaMadhavan 45000 SANCTIONED
6 07.03.2022 CRS Project Proposal at UGC-DAE CSR Research Bifunctional Ternary ThioSpinelNano-forms@Carbon Nanostructures for Sustainable Energy Applications, Dr. K.K. Aruna 45000 FUND RECEIVED
7 20.11.2020 AICTE SPICES-Scheme for Promoting Interests,Creativity and Ethics among Students ,Mr. Praveen Kumar M & Mr. S. P. Santhoshkumar 1 Lakhs FUND RECEIVED
8 08.12.2020 DRDO, Aeronautical Research and development Board (AR&DB) Title: Development of Pd Diffused Transition Metal (Mo, Co, W) Based Chalcogenic Heterostructures Support on Carbon Nanostructures/Ni Foam for Electrochemical Water Splitting, Dr. K. K. Aruna (PI) and Dr. Bradha (Co-PI) Rs.36 L FUND RECEIVED
9 09.12.2020 DRDO, Aeronautical Research and development Board (AR&DB) Fabrication of solid oxide fuel cell with complex perovskites (La(1-x)AxTi0.5B0.5O3-δ ; A= Mg, K, Na, Li, Y, B= Zr, Co) as electrode, Dr. Bradha (PI) and Dr. K. K. Aruna (Co-PI) Rs.25 L RECOMMENDED
10 15.04.2021 CDRI Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) Fellowship Mentor: Dr. K. K. Aruna, Team: Mr. Bharath Mahadevan, CEO and Founder, Climate-B Venture and Mr. Adithya Subramanian, Operation Lead, Climate-B Ventures, New delhi – 10000 USD 1500 USD FUND RECIEVED
11 05.12.2020 AICTE ICICI 4.0 International Conference on Intelligent Computing for Industry 4.0, (Requested fund of Rs. 4L for Physical mode. But due to the situation AICTE approved conference with Rs. 50,000 – Virtual Conference),  Mr. Kaleeswaran D & Dr. Arunkumar R 4 Lakhs, (RS.50K APPROVED) SANCTIONED
12 09.07.2021 NIDHI-I TBI TBI RATHINAM ICT ENABLED HOSIERY BUSINESS INCUBATOR, PI: Dr. B. Nagaraj, Co-PI: Dr. Arunkumar R, Dr. Bradha M Rs.6.99 Cr Submitted
13 14.06.2021 DRDO Scheme Online seminar on Functional Materials and applications, Dr. M. Bradha -Convenor,  Ms. Nandhini – Organiser Rs. 53,000 Submitted
14 14.06.2021 AU-NLCIL – ANIHEES Scheme Machine learning assisted solid oxide fuel cells for carbon capture for sustainable green environment applications, Dr. M. Bradha & Dr. B. Nagaraj Shortlisted for presentation
15 25.06.2021 TNSCTC Scheme Online seminar on Future towards Green environment, Dr. N. Rajashankar & Mr. Ramesh Kumar Rs. 20,000 Submitted
16 23.06.2021 AU-NLCIL – ANIHEES Scheme Silica nano particles based DDS, Prof. Geetha K Rs. 3,00,000 Shortlisted for presentation
17 11.06.2021 Seminar grant-ISRO Scheme Basic concepts in Satellite communication, Prof. Geetha K & Mr.Arulraj Rs. 50,000 Submitted
18 28.06.2021 Seminar grant- CSIR Scheme International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics( ICDSAA), Mr. Kaleeswaran & Mr. Praveen Kumar Rs. 2,00,000 Submitted
19 08.07.2021 UGC-DAE, Kalapakkam Node Research Bifunctional Ternary ThioSpinel Nano-forms@Carbon Nanostructures for Sustainable Energy Applications,  Dr. K. K. Aruna (PI) Rs.15,11,880 Submitted
20 14.07.2021 Seminar Grant- (Miety) Scheme Seminar on Advanced Materials for geen energy storage, Dr. M. Bradha , Mrs.D.Tamilselvi, Ms. Nandhini Rs.50,000 Submitted
21 20.07.2021 TNSCST Scheme Tamilnadu Scientist Award 2020 – Dr. B. Nagaraj Submitted
22 10.06.2021 EDII Scheme Dr.V.G.Patel memorial Award for Enterpreneurship Trainer/Educator/ Mentor – Dr. B. Nagaraj Submitted
23 08.07.2021 AICTE Scheme AICTE  Visvesvarya Teacher Awards 2020- 2021 – Dr. B. Nagaraj Submitted
24 25.07.2021 CSIR Scheme Online Seminar on Advanced manufacturing process, Mr. Kandaswamy Mr. Saravana Kumar Rs. 50,000 Under preparation
25 30.07.2021 DST Scheme Geospatial Technology Development, Prof. Geetha, Mr. Arunprasad. Dr. Arunkumar Rs. 30,00,000 Under preparation
26 30.07.2021 DST Scheme Seed tribal project, Mr. Praveen Kumar Mr. Santosh kumar Rs. 30,00,000 Under preparation
27 30.07.2021 DST Scheme Long term production of biogas from organic waste in obtaining primary energy for the hill side people, Dr. Rajashankar Mr. Ramesh Kumar Rs. 30,00,000 Under preparation
28 26.07.2021 Seminar grant-SERB Scheme Recent trends in Nano technology on medicine, Mr.Arulraj Rs. 50,000 Under preparation
29  20.04.2021 DST Indo-Italy Development of Hybrid energy storage supercapicitors using machine learning methods , PI: Dr. Nagaraj B, CO- PI: Dr. Bradha M CO-PI: Dr. Arunkumar (Machine learning) , Italy: PI: Dr. Danilo Pelusi, File Number: INT/ITALY/SR/2021/225 Rs.70 L Shortlisted for Next round
30 15.11.2020 DST, Scheme : Device Development Programme Low-cost chlorophyll meter for portable measuring, [TPN / 58936], Dr. B. Nagaraj, Dr. Krishnakumar, Mr. Athipathi Rs.11,42,280 Shortlisted for Next round
31 01.03.2021 SERB – Startup Grant IIOT Enabled Device for Febrility Monitoring Through IR Sensor, , Dr. Arunkumar R Rs. 10,60,400 Shortlisted for Next round
32 11.05.2021 SERB Optimization of hybrid one dimensional calcia-stablised zirconia (CSZ) and La(1-x)AxTi0.5B0.5O3-δ (A=Al, Ga, Mo ; B= Mn, Co) electrode for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell using machine learning  assisted methods (SERB), PI: Dr. Bradha RS.37 L Under cosideration
33 08.03.2021 SERB – Core Research Grant Design and development of flexible one-dimensional hybrid SmCrO3-δ/CNT perovskite-based nano sensor for explosive trace detection  by Dr. Bradha, Dr. B. Nagaraj 49 L Under cosideration
34 26.07.2021 DRDO Scheme Two day workshop on Artificial Intelligence- A simplified Human Brain in Future Submitted by Mr. Wasim Raja, CSE Rs. 42,000/- Submited
35 30-07-2021 TNSCST Scheme Three days online seminar on Tillage Develpoment and product design by Mr. Suresh Rs. 28,000/- Submitted
36 26-07-2021 UGC Scheme One day workshop on  Programs for industry setup and funding by Selvaraj& Bharathi Rs. 41,000/- Submitted
37 26-07-2021 UGC Scheme Two day workshop on Basics of deep learning and its applications Rs. 92,000/- Submitted
38 10/7/2021 SERB scheme Two days seminar on Recent trends in nanotechnology on medicine Rs. 1,50,000 Submitted
39 5/8/2021 Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Grant-in-aid Slope stability analysis and prediction modeling for Landslides through geotechnical study in Landslide zone (Coonoor region) of The Nilgiris district using GIS and Remote Sensing techniques Rs. 29,38,100 Submitted
40 15/8/2021 DST Grant-in-aid Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing from Coimbatore City Municipal Waste, PI: Dr. Rajashankar, Co-PI: Mr. K.Kandhasamy , Mr.S.Saravnakumar Rs 82,65,594 Submitted
41 14/12/2020 ONGC Grant-in-aid One dimensional calcia-stablised zirconia (CSZ) electrolyte and La(1-x)AxTi0.5B0.5O3-δ (A=Al, Ga, Mo ; B= Mn, Co) electrode for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cel, PI: Dr. M. Bradha Rs 29,0000 Submitted
42 UGC scheme Two – Days Workshop on “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN AVIONICS” Rs 1,00,000 will be submitted
43 31/08/2021 TNSTSC Scheme Insight on Ventilator support towards Management of Covid- 19 Respiratory (Biomedical Department) 1,15,000 Submitted
44 24/08/2021 TNSTSC Scheme Recent Trends in Mathematical Modelling (Department of Mathematics, School of Science) 30,000 Submitted
45 13/08/2021 ICMR Scheme Impact of Machine Learning in Bioinformatics (CSE Department) 60,500 Submitted
46 23/08/2021 TNSTSC Scheme An experimental Investigation of partial replacement of cement by paper sludge ash (Student Project scheme, Civil Department) 10,000 Submitted
47 15/09/2021 TNSTSC student  proposal 10 students proposals submitted to TNSTC 10,000 Submitted
48 15/09/2021 TNSTSC student  proposal 7students proposals submitted to TNSTC 10,000 Submitted
49 06.06.2021 UPJA 2021: ICAR-IARI CoCo Machined Midrib Remover (Concept note submitted) , Mr.M.Athipathy, Dr.P.Krishnakumar, Mr.M.Vijayakumar, Mr.M.Clement. ( An Incubation Program for Indian Startups Sponsoring Agency: Pusa Krishi,) Rs. 25,00,000 UNDER REVIEW
50 27.05.2021 MIETY Two day seminar on Recent Tends in Mobile Communication, Prof. Geetha,  Mr. Arulraj Rs. 50,000 UNDER REVIEW
51 17.05.2021 TNSCST DOTE Nanotechnology for Sustainable Energy Generation (TNCSTC), Dr. Bradha and Ms.Nandhini, Department of S&H Rs.20,000 UNDER REVIEW
52 21.05.2021 ONGC Development of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell with Noble Metal Support on Electrospun Carbon/Nb Doped TiO2 Coreshell Nanofibre as Electrocatalyst (ONGC) ,PI: Dr. K . K. Aruna, Co-PI: Dr. Praksah Chandra Ghosh, IIT Bombay Rs.30 L UNDER REVIEW
53 28.02.2021 AICTE-ISTE AICTE-ISTE Induction/Refresher Programme  – FDP, Nano-Technology by Prof. Geetha K Rs.2,50,000/- UNDER REVIEW
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