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Data Analytics & Blockchain

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Data Analytics & Blockchain

The vision of the CoE for Data Analytics and Blockchain is to accelerate innovation, entrepreneurship, and capability building in the Data Science, Blockchain domain for students. 

Centre of Excellence for Data Analytics and Blockchain supported by Cloud Destinations, Coimbatore where industry certified course and skill training in Data Science domain given for students. It is established in the year 2022.

Introduction to Data Analytics

Principles of Data Analytics  – Populations – samples – random sampling – probability and statistics Sampling distribution – creating a sampling distribution – mean of all sample means – standard error of the mean – other sampling distributions Hypothesis testing

Introduction to Blockchain

Introduction to Blockchain, How Blockchain works, Blockchain vs Bitcoin, Practical applications, public and private key basics, pros and cons of Blockchain, Myths about Bitcoin.

Inferential Statistics 

Why hypothesis tests? – strong or weak decisions – one-tailed and two-tailed tests – case studies Influence of sample size – power and sample size Estimation – point estimate – confidence interval – level of confidence – effect of sample size- T-Test- Analysis Of Variance- Predictive Analytics


Architecture , versions ,variants , use cases, Life use cases of blockchain, Blockchain vs shared Database, Introduction to cryptocurrencies, Types, Applications.

Introduction to Bitcoin
Introduction to Bitcoin, key concepts of Bitcoin, Merits and De Merits Fork and Segwits, Sending and Receiving bitcoins, choosing bitcoin wallet, Converting Bitcoins to Fiat Currency.
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