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Transforming the Future of Healthcare with Bio-Innovation


Bio-I-Hub centre of excellence for biotechnology was established in year 2020 by Rathinam Technical Campus jointly with Centre for Bioscience and Nanoscience Research-Coimbatore to provide a platform for innovation for students. It is one of the best outstanding labs at RTC that is dedicated towards understanding biological systems, living organisms or parts of this to develop or create different products. Bio-I-Hub is a facility rich in evidenced-based practices prides itself on mentoring undergrads students.
Event under Bio-I-Hub
BME-Hack (Biomedical Engineering Hackathon)

The purpose of BME-Hack is to expose students to the experience and challenges of establishing a biomedical start-up. As part of the hackathon, we will bring together students from diverse academic backgrounds to find solutions for medical challenges while implementing engineering approaches. The students will develop the projects while accompanied by mentors, consultants, and entrepreneurs from the medical device field with diverse experience in technology, product and business development, regulation, marketing, and investment.

The hackathon is organised by RTC Faculty of Biomedical Engineering and Bio-technology.

Mentoring session by Industrial person and Academicians



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