B.E Bio-medical Engineering

Bio-medical Engineering Department :

Bio-medical engineering is an upcoming field which combines the cognitive & analytical element of engineering and fuses it with biological concept of medicine to refine the present-day healthcare. Bio-medical engineering helps through all the elements of healthcare ranging from diagnosis to treatment and the final recovery.

It has simplified the way medicine is perceived and leapfrogged the medical status into the future with novel technologies like stem cell engineering and 3-D printing of biological organs. In a nutshell, bio-medical engineering focuses on improving human health by stimulating the blend of medicine and technology.

Why Choose Rathinam Technical Campus?

There are lots of opportunity in industries for innovating, designing, and developing new technologies. Those people have a MS & PhD degree, they can usually work in research institutions and universities as biomedical engineers. After gaining adequate experience in related field, biomedical engineers can work with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Where Biomedical Engineers works?

After doing Biomedical Engineering, you can be employed in public as well as in corporate sectors. You can start your career in the hospitals, clinics and health care center. As a Research Engineer, you can work in the research field. The job opportunities in the research field are very huge.

* Hitech Labs
* Affiliated to Anna University and is accredited by AICTE
* Within The City Limit
* SEZ (Special Economic Zone)
* Part-time Job In Techno Park
* Modern Infrastructure

* Clinical Engineers
* Bio-instrumentation Engineer
* Research Scientists
* Business Managers
* Technical Writers
* Bio-mechanics Engineers
* Patent Analyst
* Professors/Teachers
* Biomaterials Engineers

* Larsen & Toubro
* Cipla
* Stryker Global Technology Center
* Deloitte Consulting India Pvt Ltd
* Siemens
* BPL Healthcare
* Wipro GE Medical System
* Siemens
* Phillips Healthcare
* General Electric Global Research, Bangalore
* Texas Instruments Inc