Agriculture at Rathinam Technical Campus?

B.E in Agriculture Engineering is a 4-year undergraduate course which involves the design, planning, construction, and improvement of agricultural structures, machinery, and methods of agriculture. It is a course where it integrates the engineering technology and agricultural & biological sciences. Agricultural Engineers have a huge impact starting from construction of Agricultural structures like Water dams, reservoirs, warehouses, and other structures to developing biofuels from agricultural and food waste which can possibly replace gasoline.

Bachelor of Engineering and Technology in the stream of Agriculture is moreover the same, but the techies are much more involved in the development of new technologies in machinery, constructions and agricultural methods whereas, bachelors in engineering will focus more on the science behind the food and farming, analyses of various agricultural samples, research also involving the technological aspects into it.

Both B.E (Agriculture) & B.Tech (Agriculture) are courses that make you evolve both as an individual and also a professional where the career opportunities are high in the current competitive world.

In this Agriculture Engineering program, all disciplines in and out agriculture, agricultural machinery, methods on improving agricultural products which meet the global and national food demands also including various concepts and principles of almost all engineering streams such as mechanical, electrical, biomedical, etc.

Agricultural engineers have a vast range of opportunities which includes designing and planning agricultural structures, designing agricultural machinery, water management, surveying, livestock production, waste management, food processing, research on bio-resources, and goes on, which are huge demand in the current market.