The Department of Commerce established in 2001, with a vision to educate, train, and facilitate student’s creation and development of value-added human resource Global standards. The department is presently fering the following postgraduate and undergraduate programs:

  • Com 
  • Com (CA)
  • Com (BPS)

The Department of Commerce is highly application-oriented and hence we at the department follow a multifaceted pedagogy for different programs which consist of the following;

  • Guest Lectures
  • Case studies
  • Individual and group presentations
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Assignments
  • Projects
  • Industry interactions

The course curriculum is overhauled on a customary premise keeping in view the scholarly and industry necessities and students are engaged in assignments, presentations and are assessed through internal evaluation and examinations. The Department is frequently organizing the taking after co-curricular activities to enhance the learning and elevate the individuality of the students. The Consumer Club conducts the following events frequently to enrich the students:  

  • Rally 
  • Debates 
  • Essay writing competition
  • Career guidance 
  • Experience sharing session
  • Drawing competition 

The Department has miles to go with its rich tradition to fall back on and as an Institution, an eternity to flourish. The Department has efficient faculty members. To impart quality education in the field of commerce to young minds who wish to foray into commercial ventures. The current globalized scenario has opened up many opportunities. Business and commerce are dynamic and exciting fields of study with practical applications. A good understanding of business and commerce-related subjects are essential for those who wish to be a part of the business and industry. 

To give quality education within the field of commerce to young minds who wish to raid into commercial ventures. The current globalized situation has opened up numerous openings. Trade and commerce are energetic and energizing areas ponder with practical applications. A great understanding of trade and commerce related subjects are basic for those who wish to scrap commerce and industry. 

There’s a blend of hypothetical and practical exposure to the students. The faculty members have wide knowledge in the Commerce sectors which would enable students to learn in many aspects. The faculty members are participating in various Faculty Development Programs to meet up the student’s expectations. The students are educated magnanimously to meet industrial needs.  

The Department conducts various competitions, alumni interaction, workshops, conferences, seminars, and conferences to boost the students. It helps them to enhance their skills and work in all other sectors. The students are trained in such a way to shine in society.