The Department of Computer Science since its inspection in 2001 is offering computer science at the Under Graduate level and from 2011 onwards the department is offering computer science at the Post Graduate level. The vision is “To build a strong research and teaching environment aimed towards the betterment of society and industrial needs”. The Department provides a student-centered environment that promotes academics in a professional manner.

Apart from that, the Department of Computer Science is offering M. Phil and Ph. D courses as Full time and Part-time in different domains of Computer Science specialized areas.

S.No Degree Course Name Course Completion Years
1 UG B.Sc(Computer Science) 3
2 PG M.Sc(Computer Science) 2
3 PG M.Phil(Computer Science) 11/2
4 PG Ph.D(Computer Science) 3
  • ICT TOOLS in every Classroom
  • Department Library.
  • E- Journals
  • Laboratory with High Speed Network

We are providing Online Courses for students

  • Coursera
  • Swayam

Guest Lecture:

  1. Department of Computer Science conducted Guest Lecture on 05/08/2019. Mr.S.Rajesh, Software developer, Cognizant gave the Lecture about Web Designing
  2. Department of Computer Science conducted Guest Lecture on 25/07/2019. Mr.Sathish Kumar, Chairman, Orita Sinclair, School of Design gave the lecturing about Web Technology
  3. Department of Computer Science conducted Guest Lecture on 27/01/2020. Mr.Karthikeyan, New Technology gave lecturing about Mobile Phone Services for I Yr Students
  4. Department of Computer Science Conducted Guest Lecture on 08/02/2020. Mr.R.Prashanth, Software developer, Serendio gave the lecturing about Hadoop Programming
  5. Department of Computer Science Conducted Guest Lecture on 08/02/2020. Mr.Karthick, AP in Dept. of VC gave the lecture about the Adobe Illustrator using Photoshop for II M.Sc Students


Department of Computer Science conducted a Workshop on “White Hat Hackers” on March 3, 2020, presented by V Meenakshi Sundaram, National solutions lead – Digital Infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud, and Cyber Security, Coimbatore. He discussed the Concept of what is Ethical Hacking and how it is processing and Working. He had told about the technical and Non-technical skills of the Hackers. Then he described the tools of hacking aspects. At least he concluded about how we want to escape from the hackers.

Inter-Collegiate Technical  Symposium

The Department of Computer Science conducted National Level Technical Symposium ‘Tech Clave 20’ on 11 February 2020. Around 1250 45 College students participated in this event from all over Tamilnadu. In this symposium, we conducted two types of events. One is technical events like go google, Debugging, logo Making, techno Quiz, Web designing and another one is cultural Events such as JAM, treasure hunt. The symposium has given the exposure to test the students’ Technical Skills as well as extracurricular skills. Mr.ImranAhamed, Director of Infinite Edge acted as chief guest and delivered the presidential address

Placement Offers:

100% Covai Sprouts Technologies, Igenius, CTS, Niche Hands Technologies Red, Infosys – It, Nitroware Technologie, Bright Star Institution I process Services Pvt Limited, Focus Edumatics, Karvy, HDFC Microgenn, Accenta Education, Falcon, KGISL, 5k Car Care, Om Innovations Ingenious, Sureti, Mace academy, Personiv, Karvy digiconnect, Innovsource Blue ocean.

Staff Achievements:

1 15.08.2019 Dr. R. Amsaraj Seva Rathna Award
2 25.08.2019 Dr. R. Amsaraj Perasiriyar Mamani Award
3 05.09.2019 Dr. R. Amsaraj Perasiriyar Kalaimani Award
4 03.11.2019 Dr. R. Amsaraj Kavignar Na. Muthukumar Award
5 12.01.2020 Dr. R. Amsaraj Bharathiar Award
6 23.02.2020 Dr. R. Amsaraj Sadhanaiyalargal Award
7 05.09.2020 Dr. R. Amsaraj Aalumai Aasiriyar Semmal Award

Student Achievements:

Many Students Participated in various Events in Various Colleges and Won the Prizes.

In Sports like Kabbadi, Cricket, Football, Basket Ball in this also achieved many Cash prizes, Awards, Trophy.

Staff Name: K.Renuka
Qualification M.Sc., M.Phil.,(Ph.D)
Experience 13
Specialization Networking
Designation HOD
official Email ID
Papers Handled C, C++, Java Programming, Visual Basic, Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Software Testing, Software Project Management, Computer Network, Cryptography, Data Mining, Analysis and Design of Algorithm, Adobe Illustrator, Principles of Multimedia, PC and Mobile Hardware, Digital Electronics, Web Technology, Operating System, DBMS
Qualification MCA.,MBA.,(PhD)
Experience 10
Specialization Networking
Designation Assistant Professor
official Email ID
Papers Handled Programming in C,JAVA, Web Technology ,Shell Programming, Python Programming
Staff Name: Dr.R.Amsaraj
Qualification M.A.,(M.A).,B.ED.,M.PHIL.,PH.D.,SET.,NET-JRF
Experience 3
official Email ID
Papers Handled UG TAMIL
Qualification M.Sc,M.Phil,SET.,
Experience 3
official Email ID
Papers Handled Operating system, Computer network,C programming,DBMS
Staff Name: Dr. D. Vijayaraghavan
Qualification MA., M.phil., P.hd
Experience 15 years
Specialization English Language Teaching
Designation Assistant Professor of English
official Email ID
Papers Handled History of English Literature, Social History of England, Prose, Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Literary Forms, Literary Criticism, Shakespeare, Indian Writing in English, American Literature, Intensive Study of an Author, Indian Literature in English Translation, General English, Communicative English, English for Competitive Examination, English Language Teaching and Technical English
Staff Name: Mr.A.Srinivasan
Qualification M.Sc.,M.Phil.,SET.,NET.,
Experience 3 Years
Specialization Networking
Designation Assistant Professor
official Email ID
Papers Handled UG & PG
Qualification M.Sc(CS),B.Ed,M.Phil,MBA,M.Sc(Psy),Ph.D
Experience 11
Specialization Image Processing
Designation Assistant Professor
official Email ID
Papers Handled 1.19BCS3DA- DSC- PHP & MY SQL 2.19MCS3EE-CORE-Principles of Multimedia 3.S/W Testing 4.S/W Engineering 5.Operating Systems 6.Java Programming 7.Oracle 8.VB 9.Data Mining 10.Networking 11.Data Structures 12.Digital Electronics 13.Image Processing 14.Cloud Computing 15.IoT

List of Publications

  • Renuka1 & Dr.R.Muralidharan2 “Wireless Sensor Network Based Road Traffic Monitoring System”, Volume 3, Issue 6, IJRIAS, June 2018.
  • Renuka1 & Dr.R.Muralidharan2 “An Optimized Intelligent Transport System to Control Traffic on the Internet of Vehicles”, Jour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control Systems, Vol. 12, 03-Special Issue, 2020 DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP3/20201277 ISSN 1943-023X 420 Received: 09 Jan 2020/Accepted: 15 Feb 2020
  • Renuka1 & Dr.R.Muralidharan2 “An Energy-Aware Optimized Intelligent Transport System Using ELHACO with Fuzzy Method to Control Traffic on the Internet of Vehicles”, Strad Research VOLUME 7, ISSUE 7, 2020, ISSN: 0039-2049,
  • Veerakumaran ” Embracing of the technologies in commercial across the
    the world has increased in a bid to increase efficiency with
    Blockchain, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence
    Poised to Shake up Healthcare”.
  • Veerakumaran “The Impact of Social Media On Students Academic Performance (With Special Reference to Arts and Science College Students in Coimbatore District – Tamil Nadu)”.
  • T.Velumani,” A Survey paper on image and video (JPEG &MPEG) compression codings in Image processing”.
  • T.Velumani,” Image Compression Techniques and its Applications( International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Applications Vol.4, Issue 1, January 2016)”.
  • T.Velumani ” Improved Lossless image Compression model using Coefficient Based Wavelet Transform (International Journal of Middle East Journal of Scientific Research 25(1),40-48,2017.
  • T.Velumani” Gabor Wavelet Transformation With Phase Shift Invariance for Quality lossless Image Compression And Decompression (International Journal of Engineering Science Invention Research and Development Vol 3, Issue 10,2017)”
  • T.Velumani” Quality Image Compression Using Multiscale Approximation Wavelet Transformation Technique(International Journal of Advance in Natural And Applied Science  1(1),108-118,2017 “.
  • An Enhanced Technique for Fractal Image Compression Using Block-Based Features (International Journal of Asian Journal of Computer Science and Technology, Vol8, No2, pp 90-97.
  • T.Velumani” Survey on Various wavelet Transformations Used in Image Compression (ADALYA Journal UGC care Approved Group A Journal/ Web Of Science) Volume 9, Issue 1, pp 915-929”.
  • Dr.T.Velumani “Classification for WebPage Prediction (International Journal of Software Engineering and Technology) Vol 12, Issue 2, pp21-24”.
  • Dr.T.Velumani “Video Coding with Packed Stream in Image processing and Applications(International Journal of Image processing and Pattern Recognition) Vol 6, Issue 1, pp 36-44”.C
  • T.Velumani,” Web Context Extraction Based On Tag-Row-Block Web Mining (International Journal of Web Engineering and technology) Vol 7, Issue 2, pp 18-  26
  • T.Velumani “Storage Management in Shell Programming (International Journal of Advances in Shell Programming) Vol 7, Issue 2, pp 11-17.”
  • Dr.T.Velumani “Implementation Of Shell programming Scripts with Features (International Journal of Advances in Shell Programming) Vol7, Issue 1, pp 14-21”.
  • Dr.T.Velumani “Image Steganography Techniques for optimized Embedding in Image Processing (International Journal of Image Processing) Vol 1, Issue 1, pp15-18”
  • Dr.T.Velumani “Secured mail Server with (3FA) three-factor Authentication for Web-Based Cloud Services (International Journal of Advances in Shell Programming) )Vol 7,  Issue 1, pp33-40”.
  • T.Velumani “UNIX Operating System and Improvement of the Password Authentication Techniques (International Journal of Advances in Shell programming) Vol 7, Issue 2, pp 24-3”.
  • R. AMSARAJ, “சங்க இலக்கியத்தில் பரத்தமை பாலியல் “CHEMPULAM An International Tamil Research Journal, Vol.3 – 2016 2320-589X.
  • R. Amsaraj ,”சங்க இலக்கியத்தில் பரத்தை– உளவியல் நோக்கு “,SHANLAX An International Tamil Research ,Vol.X – 2017 ,2454-3993 .
  • R. Amsaraj,”அகநானூற்றுப் பாடல்களில் தோழி – உளவியல் நோக்கு “,Linguistics And Literature Journal,Vol.X – 2017 ,2349-8420.
  • R. Amsaraj,”சங்க இலக்கியத்தில் பரத்தையர் – உள்ளப் போராட்டம் “, SHANLAX An International Tamil Research Journal, Vol.II – 2018,2454-3993
  • R.Amsaraj,”பழந்தமிழர் வாழ்வியலில் விருந்தோம்பல் – சமூகவியல், உளவியல் பார்வை “, AYIDHA EZHUTHU International Tamil Research Journal,Vol.I- 2019 ,2278-7550 .
  • R. Amsaraj, உளவியல் நோக்கில் பரத்தையரின் உயர்வு,தாழ்வுமனப்பான்மை (சங்கஅகப்பாடல்களைமுன்வைத்து) “LFS-LITERATURE FINDINGS International Tamil Research Journal, Vol. VIII – 2017,2278-2311.
  • D. Vijayaraghavan, ”Teaching Pronunciation and Early Approaches and Methods “
  • D. Vijayaraghavan, ”English pronunciation problem of middle school children in Coimbatore district”
  • D. Vijayaraghavan, ”Morphologival errors of tribal school children in Coimbatore district”, AJAST, VOLUME: 1, ISSUE: 7, AUGUST 2017,51 – 53.
  • D. Vijayaraghavan, ”Problem in Acquisition of Grammatical Categories of Tribal Children in Coimbatore District” IJIRE, VOLUME: 5 ISSUE: 2, FEB 2018 47 – 49.
  • D. Vijayaraghavan,” Advanced Grammar to Acquire Basic Knowledge of English”.WWJMRD VOLUME: 4 ISSUE: 5 2018 41 – 42.
  • Dr. D. Vijayaraghavan,” Environmental Study of Tribal Schools in Coimbatore District”, RJELAL VOLUME: 5, ISSUE: 3 JULY – SEP 2017 508 – 510.