Smart agents for Change


The Architecture school, unlike the traditional schools is conceived to provide a rich experience besides formal education by providing an opportunity to participate in evolving the smart inclusive campus – hands on experience in a Live Lab. Also, the school intends to facilitate cross learning with the various industrial partners, Engineering, Arts and Humanities department enabling the creation of multifaceted smart talent pool for a smarter tomorrow.

Multi ethinic & multi cultural campus

For inquisitive minds who would want to make a difference in the society.
For someone who does not want to be a part of a mundane lifestyle.
For people who have clear career goals.
For people with inter disciplinary interests and passion for built environment.

Architecture Is A Way Of Life

It is an opportunity to evolve constantly as the profession demands novelty making creativity a part of everyday routine.
It is an entrepreneurial profession where you can be your own boss.
It’s a career with no retirement.
Explorative and innovation driven as it demands imagination and experimentation.
It provides opportunity to address larger issues such as climate change, community building, building resilient systems, public health and safety, sustainable infrastructure, etc.
It opens out to incredible variety of options within the profession, ranging from concept designers to management professionals.


Guest Lecture

Site Visits

Practical Training

Architectural Photography