Office of Cantonment Board, Defense Estate Offices, Chennai

“College is a place where a student ought to learn not so much how to make a living, but how to live, says Elbert Hubbard. Rathinam Group is doing a Himalayan task of teaching how to live. I can very well understand that studying here is a joyful experience, which is the base for a good education. The college has got a very good ambiance with necessary features of a best educational institution. In short it is a boon for students’ community”



“I am really surprised to know that Rathinam Group has everything that every parent may expect in a college, right from K.G to Ph.D. I have seen a few short-films produced by Rathinam students. I was filled with a feeling, which cannot be described in words. I was overwhelmed with happiness over the performance of Viscom Department, which is producing multi-talented cinema professionals like cinematographer, camera man, visual effects artist, editor, photographer etc.”

Peter Prem Chakravarthy

Project Associate, WWF India

"It is encouraging that in terms of regional academic reputation, Rathinam Group of Institutions clearly is one of some highly regarded institutions that have reached status of being best in the region in terms of infrastructure, faculty strength, multi-faceted learning facilities, curriculum, all-in-one campus, location advantage etc. I have the strong belief that it is going to excel in all the academic talents and discipline in the near future”

Nellai S.Muthu

ISRO Scientist

“In thinking about this activity called teaching, the following has occurred to me: The best we can do - either as individuals or as a college – is to create the learning environment and then offer the opportunity for an education to those who choose to acquire it. Teachers should teach best what they understand deeply and are passionate about. Rathinam Group has perfectly succeeded in having both real learning environment and the best subject experts. My best wishes”

Dr. Mylsamy Annadurai


“The aim of science is not to open the door to everlasting wisdom, but to set a limit on everlasting error, says, Bertolt Brecht. If we teach only the findings and products of science - no matter how useful and even inspiring they may be - without communicating its critical method, how can the average person possibly distinguish science from pseudoscience? The method of science is far more important than the findings of science. Rathinam Technical Campus has pioneered in this endeavor by having subject experts, introducing many technical subjects in its curriculum and making world-class infrastructure in terms of laboratories, however expensive they may be and researches. Keep the good works going”

Shri.Bhagwan Singh

Executive Editor, Deccan Chronicle

“The quality of education of any institution depends on the quality of its faculty. The depth of our understanding and the excitement we have for our disciplines are felt by the students in the class room. The quality of the students’ education depends on much more than the amount of material they are exposed to – or even the amount that they are required to master, it depends on their contact with faculty who are involved in the learning process as participants. I strongly believe that Rathinam Group has wonderful faculty members who are subject experts and are truly interested in the development of students”


Indian Volley Ball Coach

“Sports is such a great vehicle to promote and bring recognition to not only to the institution but to the state. It is the duty of every institution to contribute in the field of sports. Of all the institutions, which encourage sports, I would say, Rathinam Group stands first for its contribution, which is incomparable to anyone. Keep it up”


Chief Advisor to Abdul Kalam

“Internationally there has been a concern about the direction of technical education and how it is positioned in engineering colleges. This has also been a case in Rathinam Institutions where the curriculum has had a strong focus on skills development and enhancing advanced technological literacy in syllabus. The induction of B.Sc., Physics with Nanotechnology is the best example for that”

Karthik Raja

Music Director

“Community radios in general hold the key that will unite India’s linguistic and ethnic diversity and improve the economic disparity and the huge rural-urban divide. As far as Rathinavani is concerned, it concentrates on environmental problems, socio-cultural issues, students’ development programs etc. Knowledge sharing and enlightening the suppressed people have been the primary constituents of this FM. My best wishes for Rathinavani FM”

Mr.Abdul Ghani

Social Activist

“Activism means taking efforts to promote, impede social, political, economical and environmental changes in the society and I feel Rathinam Group of Institutions is whole-heartedly engaged in being an activist institution pioneering a lot of commendable social activities like diabetes rally, blood donation camps, road-safety rally etc. and bringing a sea-change in the society by all means”

Actor Vivek

Green Globe Project

“Rathinam Group of institution plays a matchless role by planting trees and contributing to save mother earth and instilling the love for nature in the students’ minds. In my perception, people who love trees are Gods in the disguise of men. Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come”


C.Rajendiran.IRS., Commissioner of Customs, Central Excise & Service Tax, Coimbatore

The college is trying everything at its common to give full meaning to its motto”Celebrate Life"

D.R. KarthiKeyan

Former – CBI Director.

Delighted to visit this young institution inaugurating a seminar on unique Identification Card. Wish you young chairman, Staff and Students. All the best.


Habasit Ishoka (P) Ltd., Coimbatore

“A good idea to motivate students to participate in changing fashion scenario. Good luck and best wishes.”


Secretary, New Mangalore Port trust, Mangalore

The topic chosen for the seminar was excellent & apt and the same was conducted in a befitting manner. I could see an excellent team work under the able leadership of the present principal Dr.P.Murugesan and I wish this spirit should continue. I thrilled to see the hospitality extended to me. I wish the college management and the students a very best future.

Saroja Prabhakaran

Former Vice Chancellor, Avinashilingam University For Women, Coimbatore

I was very happy to address to the students on Women’s Day. The students were very disciplined and listened to the talk. Whenever I interacted with them they could respond. I congratulate the Principal & Faculty members for the good disciplined


Vice Chancellor, Agri University

“Good initiate, acceptable surroundings devoted faculty-will enrich the Knowledge delivery to make a mark on this planet. I wish success for this Institution.”

Nandha Kumar

Alumni of Computer Science - Working as Software Engineer in TCS @ USA

“I am very much thankful to department of Computer Science for providing me such a great support throughout my academic life at this institute. I would like to thank you for all the academic support given from department because of which I was able to achieve this.”

Ajay Kumar

Chief Airport Officer, CASO- Coimbatore Airport.

“Unique experience in interacting with the students of this institution. It gave me feeling that I have again comeback to my own institution. Sincere gratitude and regards to all faculty and administrative members of this Institution for giving / extending me an opportunity and giving me so much of regard.”

Thiyaga Chemmal

Student of Visual Communication working as Regional Head in Puthiya Thalamurai - News Reporter

“I cannot overstate how valuable was my time at my college. I believe I would be a much different person had I not attended. The ways I grew as a person and in my faith have definitely altered the course of my life for the better. I wouldn't change a thing. My professors at college taught me, above all else, how to learn. I have found the ability to understand something new to be immensely useful. They also taught me that developing relationships with people, and using my skills to help people was just as important as anything else academically. ”