Assistant Professor

S. Shylaja

B.Sc. CS, M.Sc,CS., M.Phil.,

+91 88707 15117

Experience in Teaching: 

2 Years 3 months

Experience in Industry: 


Experience in Research: 

3 Years

No of Participation in Seminars: 


No of Participation in Workshops: 


No of Participation in FDP: 


Area of Specialization: 

Data Mining

Statement of Educational Background
  • BSc (CS) at Angappa College of Arts & Science in the year of 2008-2011
  • MSc (CS) at Government College of Arts & Science in the year of 2011-2013
  • MPhil at RVS College of Arts & Science in the year of 2013-2014
  • Pursuing PhD in Rathinam College of Arts & Science
Additional Information about Research and Journal Publication: 


Statement of Personal Disposition
  • Teaching is not just passing knowledge to students, there is so much more involved. Teachers need to not only know the material very well but also be aware of effective ways to transfer knowledge and I have ability to motivate, encourage, understand and care inspired students.
  • As a Teacher, In my class I have to know very well about my each and every students. Then only I will give some solution for them.