Dr. R. Muralidharan

B.Sc CS., M.Sc CS., MCA., M.Phil., Ph.D CS.,

+91 90875 78645

Experience in Teaching: 

16 Years

Experience in Industry: 


Experience in Research: 

12 Years

No of Participation in Seminars: 


No of Participation in Workshops: 


No of Participation in FDP: 


Area of Specialization: 

Image Processing & Pattern Recognition

Additional Information about Research and Journal Publication: 

"No of Publications in National Journals: 1
No of Publication in International Journals: 8

No of M.Phil Scholars Guided(Completed): 4

No of M.Phil Scholars Guided(On-going): 2

No of Ph.D Scholars Guided(On-going): 7

Certificate Course : "Online Course on Internet and its History.

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