Ph.D. (Tamil)

What is Ph.D. (Tamil)?

A Ph.D in Tamil is awarded to a candidate who has passed the stipulated course work and submitted a dissertation on the basis of original and independent research that makes a contribution to the advancement of knowledge, which is approved by the Board of Examiners as required.

Why Ph.D. (Tamil)?

They are
  1. To promote acquisition of knowledge and to continually offer opportunities for upgrading knowledge, training and skills in the context of innovations, research and discovery in all fields of human Endeavors
  2. To provide a ground for training as a stepping stone for research leads to innovation and discovery of new ideas.
  3. To provide a platform to broaden the area of research.
  4. To evolve flexible course work relating to the area of research.

The future of a Ph.D., (Tamil) graduate:

Ninety percentages of the scholars who had been crowned with M.Phil. and Doctorate degrees in Tamil have been excelling in teaching profession and remaining ten percentages of scholars have been serving in the fields of Journalism and Mass media.

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