Media Arts Club

About Club

Media Arts Club was inaugurated in July 2015 and it successfully bringing out various activities for the students on various platforms. Its major concentration on Students participation in media activities. Total no of students enrolled in Media Arts Club is 95 students and active participation in club meetings 55 students.


Media Arts club is organized for the welfare of the students from various departments who are interested in media field, to motivate them and to train them and to guide and to excel their talent. Media Arts club gives them a platform to showcase their talent in Media field and create them opportunities to participate and shine.

Club Activities:

Media Arts Club trains students on various skills such as
  • Photography
  • Short Film Making
  • Mime
  • Anchoring
  • Singing
  • Instrument (Drums, Keyboard, Guitar)
  • Painting (Glass painting, Oil painting, canvas, Pot painting)

Club Coordinator contact details:

Mr.T.J.Raju AP/Viscom – 9790980347 -

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