M.Sc. Information Technology

What is M.Sc. Information Technology?

Information Technology is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With advancement in technologies there are more and more opportunities knocking the doors of graduates in this field. A post graduate degree in this field surely is an added advantage. M.Sc., I.T. appeals almost all aspects of business today like:

• Trade Manufacturing Services Culture
• Communication
• Entertainment

• Education
• Research
• National defense
• Global security

Why M.Sc. Information Technology?

M.Sc., I.T. at RCAS provides you with the right skills and exposure survive in the field of computer. With an enviable track record of our alumni being placed in prestigious companies, RCAS is your gateway to a flying career in IT. In order to maintain the standard of education, the department constantly upgrades the academic syllabi so as to keep the students well trained to deal with changing trends in the field of Computer Science and Technology.

The future of a M.Sc. IT graduates:

At the aspired levels of growth, IT-BPO will employ about 2.5 to three million professionals directly in the sector, account for direct investment of about US$10 to US$15 billion and contribute 60-70 % to Indian exports in terms of value. We had understood it is the need of the day to provide IT education that encompasses world-class curriculum which is also industry focused.

Available job opportunities in IT:

  • IT consultant
  • Cloud architect
  • Computer forensic investigator
  • Health IT specialist
  • Mobile application developer
  • Web developer
  • Software engineer
  • Information technology vendor manager
  • Geospatial professionals
  • Data Modeler


I year Syllabus

Object Oriented Analysis And Design
Advanced Computer Architecture
Advanced Java Programming
Advanced Java Lab
Data Mining and Warehousing
Analysis and Design Of Algorithm
Introduction to Open Source Tools
Advanced Communication Network 5 3 25 75 100 4
Advanced Communication Network Lab
Cyber Law 5
Software Testing 5
Mobile Applications Development
III Mini Project

II year Syllabus

Paper XI :Cloud Computing
Web Technology
Open Source with PHP&MYSQL
Web Technology Lab
Soft Computing
Project work and viva voice *
List of Elective Papers:
Digital image Processing
Cyber Security
Microprocessor & its Applications Lab
Advanced DBMS
*Project report – 200 marks; Viva voce – 50 Marks

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