M.Phil. (Statistics)

What is M.Phil. (Statistics)?

The thrust of M.Phil. Statistics is to study and impart training in statistical applications in various fields, social, and sciences in particular. This Statistical Science research program at RCAS aims to develop research scholars who can eventually make original contributions to the subject.

Why M.Phil. (Statistics)?

M.Phil. is in most cases thesis-only, and is regarded as a senior or second Master’s degree, standing between a taught Master’s and a Ph.D. It may be awarded to graduate students, after completing several years of original research but before the defense of a dissertation, and can serve as a provisional enrollment for a Ph.D.

Scope of an M.Phil. (Statistics) graduate:

It involves a combination of course work and research training and designed to extend the competence of candidates in their chosen discipline. The course offers a wide range of subjects and will provide the quantitative skills and expertise required to carry out various types of econometric and statistical analyses. Students acquire the skills necessary to undertake applied and/or theoretical projects and the ability to communicate the results of their work to wider audiences. Successful completion of the program will signify that the candidate has completed an advanced course of post-graduate training and satisfied the examiners that they can successfully carry out a prescribed research project.

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