Department of Science and Humanities


To impart the fundamental knowledge in science and Maths together with literal efficiency in English to the first year BE and B.Tech students of Rathinam Technical Campus for a better performance in their higher semesters in their respective branches of engineering. Besides, the Department of Science and Humanities is also focus on bridging the academic gap between the school and collegiate education.


  • To train and develop the scientific attitude towards engineering education to achieve academic excellence in their higher semesters.
  • To introduce innovative learning techniques to make them easier to follow their course work in higher semesters in their career in BE and B.Tech.


  • To make them understand the importance of Basic Sciences and develop an interest in learning and practicing.
  • Engineering and Technology for their better performance in the competitive world with their acquitted knowledge from Rathinam Technical Campus.


  • Applied DST Inspire program for the benefit of School Children in and around Coimbatore – Budget 10 lacs.
  • Association of English Speaking Culture and introduction of Moodle for the benefit of First year students.
  • Two major research proposals one to DST SERB with a budget of Rs.25 lacs and one to DST SERC with a budget of 20 lacs.
  • Research Seminar Schedule in the Department for the benefit of faculty.


The main objective of conducting laboratory in Physics is to make the student to analyze the Physical Principle involved in the device and also to allow the student to relate the Principle to new applications. Physics, the fundamental building block of all disciplines of Engineering has a pivotal role in the development of engineering solutions to contemporary problems in the physical sciences by applying fundamental principles. It is not confined to a particular discipline of Engineering but a thread weaved through the whole technological domain. Engineering Physics provide a thorough grounding in the realm of Modern Optics, Quantum Physics, Superconductivity, Acoustics, Crystallography, Semiconductor physics and Nanotechnology. There are around title experiments in which areas of optics, mechanics to electronics are covered, by which the student gets nurtured to all the branches of engineering. The performance of these experiments makes the student to think in an innovative manner and also improve these creative skills which are very essential in Engineering.

S.No Major Equipments
1 Ultrasonic Interferometer
2 Spectrometer
3 Band gap apparatus
4 Torsional Pendulum apparatus
5 Diode laser
6 Optical Fiber
7 Lee’s Disc apparatus
8 Band gap apparatus
9 B-H curve apparatus
10 Travelling Microscope

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry is one subject which gives adequate knowledge about the applications involved in the aerospace, mechanical, environmental and other engineering fields. Knowledge of chemistry plays a vital role in engineering profession enabling the potential engineers to understand and to perform successfully while working on multidisciplinary tasks. It serves to provide strong foundation in Applied Chemistry which in turn serves as a baseline for all Engineering streams. The main objective of the department is to develop the necessary theoretical and practical aspects required for understanding intricacies of the subject and also give adequate exposure to the applied chemistry aspects in different disciplines of engineering. Our faculty educates the engineering students with all necessary concepts related to chemistry and develops a scientific attitude by means of distinguishing, analyzing and solving various engineering problems. We are training the students to develop their experimental skills and important practical knowledge in engineering by providing sophisticated chemistry laboratory. The department has highly qualified and dedicated faculty members with Two Doctorates in various specialized areas of Chemistry. The department has a well established laboratory to accommodate sixty students at a time for Engineering Chemistry Lab Class. All the instruments used by First year students are the state of art and a good number of sophisticated instruments.

S.No Major Equipments
1 Electronic Top loading Balance
2 Digital Visible Spectrophotometer
3 Digital Flame Photometer
4 Hot-Air Oven
5 Demineraliser
6 Digital Conductivity Bridge with conductivity cell
7 Digital pH meter with combined electrode
8 Electronic Digital potentiometer with Platinum electrode
9 Hot Plate

The English Department strengthens the liberal education of students by developing a deepened understanding of language, the value of critical reading and effective writing, and the significance of communication. The language teaching will lead the students to participate in society as informed, responsible citizens. The Department also aspires to offer to students the best preparation possible to ensure their success in future career in English. The Department ensures the students to gain confidence to communicate their ideas clearly and boldly. The main aim of the Department is to increase sophistication with reading, writing problem solving and in speaking. The department imparts knowledge and skills to rural youth in order to meet their intellectual and social aspirations and cultural and technical needs of the society.

The Department of English extends a colossal support to the development of Effective Communication Skills of the students and to get them placed in the premier corporate houses around the world. The Department has well-equipped Language Lab to enhance the communicative skills of the students. English Literary Club helps to nurture the latent skills of the students. The Department arranges Guest Lectures, Workshops and Seminars regularly to facilitate the students to update their communication skills.

Communication Skill Software :

S.No. Software List
1 Clarity SNET English Teacher Module
2 Face2Face (Elementary)
3 Face2Face (Pre-Intermediate)
4 Face2Face (Intermediate)
5 Face2Face (Upper-Intermediate)
6 Face Creative Writing CAMBRIDGE
7 EuroTalk.Listen1
8 EuroTalk.Listen2
11 Oxford Picture Dictionary Interactive
12 Oxford Pronunciation
13 Group Discussion
14 Longman Interactive American Dictionary (1CD)
15 Picture Dictionary
16 BBC DVD English – World’s Most Popular English Course
17 Basic Communicationtd
18 Group Discussion
19 Study Listening cd1
20 Study Listening cd2
21 A Course in Communication Skill
22 Business Vocabulary in Use
23 Cambridge – English Grammar in Use (Essential) (2nd Ed) [Audio CD] (1997)
24 Cambridge – English Pronunciation in Use (Advanced) [with Audio CD] (2007)
25 Cambridge – English Pronunciation in Use (Elementary) [with Audio CD] (2007)
26 Cambridge – English Pronunciation in Use (Intermediate) [with Audio CD] (2003)
27 English Collocations in Use
28 English Grammar in Use
29 English Idioms in Use
30 English Phrasal Verbs in Use
31 English Vocabulary In Use
32 Professional English in Use
33 Touchstone
34 English Grammar in Use (Essential) (3rd Ed) (2007)
35 English Grammar in Use (Intermediate) (2005)
36 English Grammar in Use (Advanced) (2005)
37 English Vocabulary in Use Elementary 2nd Edition (Cambridge)
38 English Vocabulary in Use Pre-intermediate &Intermediate [2nd Ed] (2006)
39 English Vocabulary in Use Upper-intermediate [2nd Ed] (2006)
40 English Vocabulary in Use Advanced [2nd Ed] (2006)
41 Learn to Speak English
42 Talk Business
43 Talk Now
44 World Talk
45 Movie Talk
46 Talk More
47 Talk The Talk
48 English in Mind 3cds

Faculty Achievements (2017-18)

1 . Dr.S.Umapathy Prof/Physics has published 2 papers in international journals.

2 . Dr.P.Hariharan Assistant Professor /Physics has published 5 papers in international journals.

3 . Dr.P.Hariharan Assistant Professor /Physics has published 4 books for regulation 2017.

4 . Prof.V.Jeevanantham Assistant Professor /Chemistry has published 2 papers in international journals.

5 . Prof.D.Tamilselvi Assistant Professor /Chemistry has published 1 paper in international journal.

6 . Prof.V.Gokila Assistant Professor /Physics has published 4 books for regulation 2017.

All the faculty are completed more than 3 online courses in the website of COURSERA, ALISON, OPEN TO STUDY.


1 . Dr.P.Hariharan Has Attended The Training On Nidhi Ayog Start Up Atal Incubation On 24.2.18

2 . Mrs.V.Nirmala Has Attended 3 Days International Conference On “fuzzy Sets And Fuzzy Logics “ At Erode,Vellalar College For Women On Jan 8-10 (2018)

3 . Mrs.V.Gokila, Mrs.V.Nirmala, Ms.K.Umalakshmi, Mrs.S.Faridha And Mrs.D.Tamilselvi Attended Fdp On” A Brand Called You “ On 24.11.2017 At Rtc. Prof V.Jeevanantham Attended Seminar On Quality Improvement Program At Cit On 14.11.17.

4 . Mrs.V.Gokila, Mrs.V.Nirmala, Dr.P.Hariharan, Ms.K.Umalakshmi And Mr.C.Suresh Attended One Day Workshop On “latex Hands On Training ” At Kongunadu Arts And Science College On 09.08.17.

Faculty Details

S. No. Faculty Qualification Designation
1 Dr. T. SARANYA Ph.D Associate
3 Ms. S. KAVITHA M.Phil Assistant
4 Dr. A. PANDI Ph.D Assistant
5 Ms. K. UMALAKSHMI M.Phil Assistant
6 Mr. R. SATHISHKUMAR M.Phil Assistant
7 Mr. R. PRAKASH M.Phil Assistant
8 Mr. P. JAYABAL M.Phil Assistant
9 Ms. S. FARIDHA M.Phil Assistant
10 Ms. V. NIRMALA M.Phil Assistant
11 Ms. JEYANTHI PRASSANNA M.Phil Assistant
12 Mr. M. GNANASEKARAN M.Phil Assistant
13 Ms. D. UTHYAGEETHA M.Phil Assistant
14 Dr. G. SANGAMESWARI Ph.D Assistant
15 Ms. VINODHINI M.Phil Assistant
16 Ms. K. K. SARANYA M.Phil Assistant
17 Ms. K. JENCY M.Phil Assistant
18 Ms. D. TAMILSELVI M.Phil Associate
19 Mr. M. ARUN KUMAR M.Phil Associate
20 Mr. V. JEEVANANTHAM M.Phil Assistant