Classrooms are spacious equipped with centralized AC creates a relaxed environment to learn. Digital Projectors, audio systems are added advantages in few classrooms.

Multimedia projectors are used to make learning more absorbing and comprehensive. Simulated teaching software is the ’in thing’ for visualized form of concepts helps better development of application oriented skills among students.

The Institution has well equipped, furnished, spacious, ventilated classrooms to help our fraternity in better knowledge transmission. The classrooms in which instructors and students work together to create and sustain an environment in which everyone feels safe, supported, and encouraged to express her or his views and concerns.
In these classrooms, the content is explicitly viewed from the multiple perspectives and varied experiences of a range of groups. Content is presented in a manner that reduces all students' experiences of marginalization and, wherever possible, helps students understand those individuals' experiences, values, and perspectives influence how they construct knowledge in any field or discipline.

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