Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

What is Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)?

In order to cope up with the advancement in information technology and communication systems, many companies are in need of skilled students who can quick learn about new software systems. They also need them to apply computer science principles to solve problems produced by the interface between business and technology. This BCA degree will expose students to various areas of computer applications including the latest developments keeping pace with the industry.

Why BCA?

The various objectives of BCA are to develop a sound knowledge in key areas of computer science or industrial computing, to develop a substantial understanding of concepts in key areas of computer science and to carry out the required analysis and synthesis involved in computer systems, information systems and computer applications. Last but not least, injecting the knowledge for custom software design, developing and implementing. Sound practical skills in order to help the students to address the problems are also taught as a secondary objective.

The future of BCA Graduate:

BCA is an exciting professional discipline course having numerous career opportunities. It is the best pathway to develop oneself in the IT Sector. After the Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Application (BCA) the students can go for MCA i.e. Master of Computer Applications. This programme provides good working knowledge in Database and Internet applications.

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