B.Sc Psychology

What is B.Sc Psychology?

The study of Psychology prepares you for a wide range of careers. You can apply your knowledge of Psychology directly, choosing a career in the biomedical sphere.

Why B.Sc Psychology?

Psychology graduates can also use the general skills and knowledge they have acquired to pursue a career in a variety of workplaces. Degrees in Psychology typically cover human services and behavior. People who obtain a degree in Psychology can have careers in anything to probation or parole officer to teaching Psychology in a high school setting. Since a degree in Psychology is so versatile, individuals can also seek careers in the business and criminal justice setting.

The future of a B.Sc Psychology Graduate:

Probation officers and parole officers perform many of the same duties; the difference is the population with which they work. Probation officers, sometimes referred to as community supervision officers, monitor people convicted of a crime who are sentenced to probation, rather than jail. Parole officers work with offenders once they are released from jail, trying to prevent them from committing additional crimes. Usually these officers work exclusively with either adults or juveniles, although some officers work with both age groups.

Educational :

​For Bachelor program in Psychology - 10+2
For Post graduate courses in Psychology - Bachelor degree in Psychology
For Ph.D./ M.Phil - PG or Diploma in Psychology

Duration :

​ Graduation in Psychology is a 3 year program.
Post graduation is of 2 years duration and during the course, specialization in a special branch of Psychology is possible.
M.Phil or Ph.D. is of 2 year duration.

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