B.Sc Physics


Vision and Mission

Our department should be in the core of the academicals life taking place in our college. Not only the scientific traditions are attached importance to, but also social, democratic and ethical values, the sharing of humankind's common values, critical reasoning and its programs aimed at reinforcing the motivations and skills of its students are considered top priority. Physics Department aims at projecting the scientific and technological developments to the society bring up its students as educated individuals who are adeptly equipped for the life and able to apply for privileged graduate studies.

Physics Department considers its mission within the scope of academicals excellence and leadership in physical sciences. In this frame, the department's mission is to accumulate the physics knowledge, developing and sharing it in a scientific community that shares common principles; agrees on its goals, is open to innovations; respects and cares for each other as well as bears social responsibility. The department has dedicated itself for lifelong learning through academicals and social programs; acquirement of new knowledge through research activities; becoming a strong center of attraction in the national and international arenas with its undergraduate, master’s and Ph.D. programs.

Program Expected Outcome (PEO)

Technical Proficiency
Provide a degree course, suitable for students of high ability, combining and relating Physics, Innovation.

Professional Growth
Prepare students for further study, or for professional and managerial careers, particularly in areas requiring the application of physics.

Management Skills
Provide students with knowledge of Physics, Innovation and the interaction between the two.

Programme Outcome (PO)

  • Apply the basic laws of physics in the areas of classical mechanics, Newtonian gravitation, special relativity, electromagnetism, geometrical and physical optics, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.
  • Recognize how observation, experiment, and theory work together to continue to expand the frontiers of knowledge of the physical universe.
  • Exercise the use of physical intuition, including the ability to guess an approximate or conceptual answer to a physics problem and recognize whether or not the result of a calculation makes physical sense.

Department Profile

The Department of Physics was established in the year 2015. The objective of teaching by our committed faculties is to enable the students to gain knowledge about the force in nature. Teaching is carried out by using by traditional board and chalk and by PPTs, video classes. Practical sessions are conducted once in a week to gain practical knowledge. Educational visit are arranged once in a year to expose them to understand about the subject and know opportunities for their higher studies.

The Department is proud of its versatile and inspiring staff members who take the pride of serving the cause of education, the nobility of its goal of uplifting the down - trodden and its unparalleled art of molding clay into gold in academics with a tender touch. The staff members constantly enhance their knowledge by attending International / National Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and Refresher Courses. They also share their knowledge and expertise with other Institutions through Guest Lectures.

  • Incessant showers of success of the students makes the department unique with over all pass percentage ranging between 90 - 100%
  • To bring about diversity and flexibility in the UG Degree courses the skill based subject is chosen such that it prepares the students for competitive examinations.
  • Hands - on Training in software packages – SPSS is provided
  • Our students are placed in various Educational Institutions, Banking and Insurance Sectors.
Contacts: uma.physics@rathinam.in, +91 7339426111

Programmes Offered
  • B. Sc Physics

Infrastructure & Facilities

  • Young’s modulus-experiments
  • Spectrometer- experiments
  • Microprocessor- experiments
Communication Lab
Communication skill development lab

Library working days : Monday to Saturday (except 2nd & 4th Saturday)
Library working hours : 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Resources:- : Inflibnet, DEL net
Collection of Books : 1500+
Journals : 30
Thesis : 56

Caliber Embedded Technologies India Pvt.Ltd

Research Publication

P Kolandaivel, D Uma Maheswari, L Senthilkumar, “The study of performance of DFT functional for van der Waals interactions”, Computational and Theoretical Chemistry, Volume 1004, 15 January 2013, Pages 56-60.

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