B.Sc. Information Technology and Computer Technology

What is B.Sc. Information Technology and Computer Technology?

It is exclusively designed for Computer enthusiasts. Students who are passionate to step into the vast universe of software can take up this course and it will take you to the threshold of it. This degree is the foundation course required in order to work in the Information technology and software industries. This degree is primarily focused on subjects such as software, databases, and networking. It also deals with the mathematical and theoretical foundations of computing rather than emphasizing specific technologies.

Why B.Sc. Information Technology and Computer Technology?

The Department of Information Technology and computer technology was established in 2007 and 2008 respectively. This program is designed to provide basic inputs for a broad understanding of IT and its interfaces. The focus is on “Information Technology and Management of IT”. Today, smart, successful businesses use IT to give them an extra-edge to stay ahead of the competition. IT is soon becoming a ‘driver’ rather than an ‘enabler’ of business. The program takes the students beyond computer skills to Telecommunication systems and Networking to e-commerce, internet security and Enterprise Resource Planning.

The future of a B.Sc. IT & CT graduate:

A B.Sc. IT and CT graduate can be a software developer or programmer according to the need of the employer. They can venture into various fields such as software development, software testing, software engineering, web design, databases, programming, computer networking and computer systems. The basic job titles for bachelor of information technology are: Software Engineer / Programmer, Developer (.NET / JAVA / C++ etc…), Network Administrator, Database Administrator, Network Programmer, Tester, System Analyst, Business Analyst, System Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Support Specialist.

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