B.Sc. Costume Design and Fashion

What is B.Sc. Costume Design and Fashion?

It is a strong emerging field in which a student’s creativity is tested in extreme conditions. This programme provides a perspective of society, environment, education, technology and innovation so that a fresh and unique approach in the field of clothing, accessories and furnishings may be developed thereby creating more meaningful products and experiences.

Why B.Sc. CDF?

The Department of Costume Design and Fashion (CDF) was started during the year 2004. The syllabus of this course is project oriented so that it will not only benefit the students and also the local artisans and it has a social relevance. The Students are also encouraged to explore contemporary areas like textile art, interactive textiles and new technology in textiles through workshops and projects.

The program facilitates the development of students as artists and designers who will energize the field through personal vision and understanding of the larger artistic context of the discipline. The main objective is to bring the innovative and imaginative skills aptitude and creativity among young students and to make them into renowned skilled professional in the fashion world.

Scope of a B.Sc. CDF graduate:

Graduates in fashion design and management can work with apparel manufacturers, designers, haute couture, wholesalers, leather companies, boutiques, importers and many of the major and independent retailers. People who love to be associated with glamour can get into fashion show related careers, like fashion photography, costume designers etc. Placement may be in fashion manufacturing, distribution, retailing or any related marketing area.

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