B.A., English Literature

Course Overview

The Department of English provides intensive mentoring to our students both in and beyond the classroom in a wide variety of forums. The students of literature are encouraged to develop a unique subjective objectivity that helps them in self-exploration and self-realization.

About Department

The English Department is one of the oldest and most reputed departments of RCAS. Its reputation has been steadily enhanced over the years through the hard work of its faculty, which has traditionally combined excellence in research with a dedication to pedagogy. The Department of English at Rathinam College of Arts and Science concentrates on providing an overview of Literature from British literature, American, Canadian, Third world literature, Literary Theory & Criticism and ELT (English Language Teaching).
The Department runs the English Literary Association (ELA) which organizes various events including guest lectures, debates, and literary activities through the academic year and places an emphasis on written work and discussion as crucial components of the learning process.

Student Toppers

III Year – K.Shabana
II Year – J.Ivanjelin
I Year-R.Roshana Begum


Mrs. R. Sangeetha, M.A., B.Ed., (M.Phil.)
1) Published an article ( ISSN 2349-1124 Journal July-2014) in the topic “ Cultural Perspectives in Bharathi Mukherjee’s Orbiting”.
2) Attended faculty development program on “Leadership Skills-Beginner’s” organized by the Nehru Corporate Placement & Industry Relations Cell, Nehru Arts & Science College in association with ICTACT from 08.01.2015 to 09.01.2015.

Ms. M. Saranya, M.A. (M.Phil.)
1) Presented a paper in the National level seminar on “Feminist themes in Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew” organized by Navarasam arts & science college for women, Arachalur on 26.09.2014.

Career Opportunities

Career in Private Sector (after M. A. in English Literature):

Students of English Literature can get jobs with the media as reporters. It is also possible for them to get jobs with newspaper firms. If they have a degree in journalism, they can get jobs with news broadcasting firms like NDTV, CNN – IBN, Zee News, Star News Communication, etc. Companies that print out Magazines as well as journals too take in students of English literature frequently. Content development and ITES firms also recruit English post graduates. Some of the other fields besides this are Copywriter, Editor, Freelance Writer, Jobs with BPO and KPO firms, Novelist, Public Relation, Reporter, Teacher and Technical Writer.

Government Career (after M.A. in English Literature):
Graduates of English literature can find jobs in the government sector as well. There are many areas where they can get jobs. Some of them are Civil Service, Decoders, Insurance, and Interpreter, Law schools, Library, Linguists, Teachers, Tourist guides and Translator.

Career Abroad (after M.A in English Literature):
Candidates from M.A. in English Literature can get jobs abroad too. There will be numerous companies from a variety of fields that requires students from English literature. Candidates can get jobs as proofreaders, Copy Editors, Copywriters and writer in the marketing department (e.g. writing pamphlets or brochures for social service firms like PETA) etc. Students can also opt for research work in abroad. But to get jobs abroad, work experience is a must.

Long Term Career Roadmap for M.A. in English Literature:
Apart from teaching jobs, postgraduates of English Literature can start a career as consultants or they can join with publishing houses. With experience, candidates can get jobs with national as well as international magazines such as Vogue, National Geographic Magazine etc. As postgraduates of this field will have the ability to analyze and reproduce matter easily, they can get jobs within these firms quite effortlessly. Moreover, students can also go for higher studies. They can go for M.Phil. Ph.D. or MBA. Social work as well as advertising fields also require students with flair of writing.

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